Please view the most frequently asked questions regarding Caliber Hair extensions.  If you have any further questions you may call (909) 252-1769 and someone will answer your inquiry within 24 hours, you may also click "message now" on the bottom of the screen to chat with someone.  If you would prefer email please send emails to admin@caliberhair.com

Is Caliber Hair Imports based in USA?

YES!  We are a online business, based in California.

1.  Q.  How many bundles of extensions do I need to purchase?

A.  Although the density of your final install is based on personal preference, Caliber hair Imports recommends the following:

Indian Hair 

2 bundles for 12-20 inches

3 bundles for 22 inches or more

Polynesian Hair

2 bundles 12-16 inches

3 bundles 18-24 inches

4 bundles 24 inches or more

2. Q.  How long does shipping take?

A. Please allow three  business days for processing items ordered Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm PST.  If you order on the weekend your processing day starts on the next business day. 

 Please note Caliberhair.com prides itself on fast shipping and most orders will be shipped the next business day; all other orders will be shipped within 3-4 business days. 

 Once your order has finished processing and is shipped you will receive tracking information by email. 

Also visit our terms and conditions page for more information regarding shipping.

3. Q.  What is your return/exchange policy?

A.  Please read our terms and conditions for the return and exchange policies. 

4. Q.  I've never tried Polynesian hair, what can I expect?

A.  The hair is essentially virgin hair that has not been chemically processed.  The hair is silky but it is silky like human hair, not like processed hair.  You will enjoy this hair if you have previously enjoyed the popular Brazilian, Peruvian, or Malaysian hair.  Our Polynesian hair is thick and blends perfectly with relaxed hair, or natural hair that has been pressed and/or flat ironed.  This hair is easy to manage and doesn't required excessive styling or maintenance.  It holds curls well and if styled correctly looks really natural.

5. Q.  Does steam processed hair ruin the integrity of the hair?

A.  No, steam processing is an innovative way of achieving unique hair textures without chemically altering the hair and it does not shorten the life of the hair or damage it in any way.  It's safe and ensures that your hair is also sanitized. 


6. Q.  Does this hair shed?

A.  All hair sheds, however, minimal shedding is the key to quality extensions.  Caliber Hair Imports ensures you that our wefting process helps to reduce shedding.  You can expect that our hair will have minimal shedding to ensure that your extensions will last for a long period of time.  Please also follow the hair care recommendations that came with your extensions to prevent excessive shedding as well. 

7. Q.  Will my hair tangle?

A.  No, your virgin hair will not tangle.  All the cuticles are aligned in one direction therefore your hair will not mat or tangle.  If you treat your hair well by maintaining it properly your hair will remain untangled.  You may use a wide tooth comb to maintain your hair after you wash it and/or when styling.

8. Q. What is the difference between the Caliber Luxury Collection and the Caliber Essential Collection?

A.  Caliber Luxury Collection features fine quality 100% virgin human hair extensions that have no chemical processing.  This hair is provided by a single donor and the cuticles remain intact.  Since the cuticles are aligned and intact they will last you for a long period of time usually up to three years with proper care. The hair can be safely bleached to platinum blond or #613 level.

Caliber Essential Collection is 100% low processed human hair.  70% of the cuticles still remain in the hair therefore it is high quality processed hair and doesn't compare to "beauty supply store" hair.  It may last six months to one year and can be safely bleached to honey blond or #27 level.

9. Q What is the proper way to take care of my extensions?

Proper Care Will Ensure Luxurious Hair

Recommended care:

  1. Condition and rinse hair weekly (for Caliber Luxury Extensions), add a light leave-in conditioner, allow hair to drip dry (you may wash your Essential hair extensions less as it will help them to last longer, recommended once every three weeks, you may use a dry shampoo to clean your scalp in between washes)
  2. The use of heating tools should be kept at a minimum (Recommended 300 degrees, once weekly)
  3. Perming, coloring and/or relaxing should be done by a professional
  4. Sew around the hair wefts, not through them, you may also tell your stylist not to sew through the hair wefts, this will prevent excessive shedding
  5. Wrap hair in silk or satin or use a silk/satin pillow case when resting

For fresh beautiful curls (for your curly hair) it is recommended to co-wash (wash with conditioner only) once weekly.  In between co-washes you may take a spray bottle with half water/half leave in conditioner and lightly spritz your hair.  Use your fingers to gently comb your curls- if you use a brush it will cause your hair get bigger or look frizzy. If finger combing is not enough please use a wide tooth comb only when the hair is wet. Do not towel dry your curly hair, this will cause it to look frizzy. Excessive heat on your curly hair may change the curl pattern. Do not blow dry your curly hair.

In order to protect your investment avoid using excessive heat.  Straight hair may be blow dried but it is not recommended as hair that is allowed to dry naturally tends to keep great shine and lasts longer. 

These products are not required but they were tested and these shampoos and conditioners were found to work best on Caliber Hair:

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo

OGX Quenching coconut curls shampoo and conditioner - For curly hair

CHI Infra Shampoo and conditioner

GNV Moisturizing Conditioner Compare to Nexxus - found at Sally's Beauty Supply


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