Around here, "business" is only an extension of our philosophy:  We believe sisterhood moves mountains!  We're not just looking for sales, we're looking for relationships.  There's more to life than material things and much more to beauty than a 24 inch waist.  With that in mind, we've built our brand on communication- girlfriend to girlfriend, sister to sister.
We represent you.  The Sexy.  The Stylish.  The Strong. 
At Caliber Hair Imports, we have more than your hair, we've got your back.
But sometimes, everyone needs a little reminder.
So, here's that little reminder: luxury isn't reserved for the just the rich.  You deserve to feel and be your best.  Not next year.  Not when someone gives you permission or writes a blank check (when will that happen anyway)?  There's only one time for self empowerment, and that time is NOW.
When you look fine the stars align.
Wherever you go, it's your confidence that carries you!  Don't let the world tell you that elegance is overindulgent.  Truthfully, at Caliber Hair Imports, we believe there's no better investment than investing in yourself.
The first step is seeing yourself as the royalty you are.  The second step is where we come in. 
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- Tiffani Moore

Owner of Caliber Hair Imports