What are you buying?? Virgin Hair and Processed Hair

Did you know that the human hair industry is not regulated?  That’s right, when you go into the beauty supply and see 100% human hair on those packages- it may only be 5% human hair or (gasp) 100% synthetic hair!  Unfortunately, those that run the hair industry have become marketing geniuses and know what appeals to the masses so that is why they name their products “Virgin, Remy” etc. If you read the fine print it’s usually not that at all.  Have you ever wondered if it’s human hair then why does it tangle and what are all those plastic strands mixed in the hair?  Those plastic strands are fillers to make the bundles more full but it compromises the integrity and longevity of the hair.  The reason why hair tangles (especially in the nape of the neck) is because the cuticle has been removed from the hair through chemical processing- that’s if it’s human hair at all.  I’m going to let out a little secret- most hair that you find in the beauty supply is chemically processed!  That's not to say that all beauty supply store hair is bad but if you find some that is good then you are in luck.   Virgin hair is 100% human hair that has not been chemically altered and comes in natural textures and colors.  When searching for quality pre-styled hair (such as body wave, kinky curly) it is best to look for steam processed as steam doesn't affect the quality of the hair.  It can last you for years depending on how you care for it.  Caliber hair offers options for those who wish to make the great investment in quality virgin hair as well as those who wish to make the sound decision of purchasing our processed hair.  Our virgin hair lasts you for years as long as you provide your hair with great hair.  Our processed hair is made with quality processing standards and therefore can last up to six months and maybe more if you treat it well!  Our more affordable line is called our "essential line" and you can rest assure that it's 100% human hair with no plastic fillers therefore it can be bleached, dyed as well as flat ironed and curled.  Great hair is an investment in your personal image, caliberhair.com respects your right to choose quality.  

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