Trending Hairstyles for the Season

I was never the woman to follow trends- I mean even as a young girl I found myself just doing what I wanted to do and that has always worked for me.  I did, however, find certain ways to express myself during the different seasons because I always like to “feel the season” if that even makes since.   Just like the seasons change I was always changing my hair- all this made possible with the help of extensions of course.  In the Summer I decided that either a medium length bob or medium curly hair was “my thing.” And in the winter long flowy hair is my thing.  In the fall, I like to experiment with rich colors such as burgundy.  I do believe that hairstyles are a personal choice and although trends are lovely we must find a way to keep our own personal style and the best way to do that is to take a little bit of the trend and add it to your existing style.  For example, if you find that “bobs” are in the season you can search for different versions of a bob until you find the one that fits your face frame.  At Caliberhair.com we want you to feel comfortable experimenting with different hairstyles and have handpicked some of our favorites for you.  Check out our featured Indian Natural Wave for ladies who enjoy wavy hair that can be worn in a short bob for this Summer, or long to show off at the beach.  Your options are limitless!

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