Transitioning to natural?

Transitioning to natural & Protective Styling

This is a subject I know about all too well!  What will my new texture look like?  What will people think about my new style?  What about the awkward phase?  Should I big chop?  When do I cut my relaxed ends?

After wearing my hair relaxed since I was six years old I decided to take the plunge in 2014 to finally return to natural!  I didn’t know how to start, what products to use or even how my real texture looked!  I did make the decision that I was not ready for the “big chop” (cutting my hair to a small afro) so I knew that while I was growing out my hair I wanted to use protective styling. 

Protective styling can consist of wearing wigs, extensions or braids while you grow your perm out.  Since my hair is naturally thin (low density) wigs and extensions saved me through the awkward phases of having my beautiful 4B new growth but also still having my relaxed ends and it also allowed me to retain length.  It is essentially up to you how you choose to transition as it's a very personal decision.    For some people a big chop is very necessary due to damaged hair or just the excitement of starting something new.  For others, a big chop may not be what you desire so you choose to transition another way.  Whatever you decide the health of your hair is the most important.  While wearing your protective styles be sure to care for your hair.  Tight braids and lack of moisture can cause breakage so make sure to keep your locks moisturized.  Many people that decide to use protective styling and other naturals love our Indian kinky Curly hair at Caliberhair.com because they can easily do a twist out and blend their hair with it and it looks amazing.

What are your favorite protective styling options?  

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