Hair Care- Before, During, After Extensions

You care about your own hair right?

 Well, that’s why it’s important to keep your own hair properly maintained even if you are wearing wigs, extensions or whatever else you may put in your hair!  I am five years natural and I am all too familiar with dry hair, and breakage when it comes to not showing my real hair enough attention while wearing my extensions but I’ve learned how to stop dryness and breakage in its tracks with these simple ways.


You might be saying “Ok, so get to the point, how do I take hair of my hair?”  

Here you go:

Before extensions:  

Wash your hair and do an apple cider vinegar rinse.

Then at least one day before your new install….

Take your favorite moisturizing deep conditioner and sit under a dryer (or you can just put a plastic shower cap on).  It’s best to leave the conditioner on for at least 15 minutes.  Rinse.

Take your preferred oil while your hair is still slightly damp and oil your hair including your scalp.  I recommend grapeseed oil as it is light and doesn’t clog your pores.  A lot of people swear by coconut oil or jojoba oil.


During Extensions:

If you are wearing quality extensions washing your hair regularly should not be a problem.  I wash my Caliber Hair Extensions at least once a week to keep my scalp fresh and hair smelling clean.  It is important to ensure that your scalp gets all the way dry after washing it because mold can easily grow within your weave foundation.  It is best to take a warm blow dryer and just blow dry the scalp.  Once you are done washing and drying your scalp lightly oil it.  If you are experiencing itching, you can take a cotton ball and wipe your scalp with apple cider vinegar and add some tea tree oil to your normal oiling routine.

After extensions:

Repeat the same instructions for “before extensions”.   Then you want to let your hair “breath” for a couple days before a new install- if you have the opportunity to do this.  I know with life being so busy not many people like to “not have their hair done.”  It does work though to allow your hair and scalp to breath but even I have been known to take my hair down and get it done right away- we’re busy, productive women and we have things to do!      


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Have a happy hair day!

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