Fruits That Will Grow Your Hair

The season is right and fruits are usually extra juicy and sweet I thought I would share with you the best fruits to eat when you are on a hair growth journey.  We can do all things right including getting our ends clipped, moisturizing properly, protective styling which is all great but everybody knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts!  If you are lacking nutrition your hair will ultimately suffer!  Please note that if you are suffering from excessive hair loss please see a physician, check your stress levels as well.  The fruits that I’ve found to be most helpful in hair growth are oranges, apples, strawberries and bananas!  Yummy, I could have all that in a fruit smoothie right now!

  1. Oranges- these are packed with vitamin C to keep your immune system healthy and your hair shiny
  2. Apples- Apple skin contains biotin which is a wonderful ingredient to help with hair, nails and skin health.
  3. Strawberries contain silica which aids in collagen production which can assure you have healthy scalp for hair to thrive.
  4. Bananas are rich with vitamins including vitamin A which is great for the overall nourishment of healthy hair.

Happy growth!

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