A Holiday Gift for the Woman that Has Everything!

A Holiday Gift for the Woman that Has Everything!


We all have those women in our lives that have everything!  I mean what do you buy someone who always shops?  You either get clever or you get creative.  Homemade gifts or sentimental gifts always seem to warm a person’s heart but we are not all creative and we don’t always have time!  Don’t worry Caliber Hair Imports has you covered (shameless plug) but hear me out! 

One gift that will never go out of style and will for sure be used is HAIR!  I mean we wear it every day and if your woman, friend, mother or sister is into wearing hair bundles or extensions then there is nothing like receiving a gift of quality virgin hair.  It’s thoughtful and definitely different!  It shows that you notice her and her unique style and are willing to invest in it.  If you’re still with me then quickly go through the buying guide below so that you choose bundles that she can love for years to come!


How do I choose the perfect virgin hair as a gift?

  1. Notice some of her favorite hairstyles

What does she feel her greatest in? What hairstyle did she take the most selfies in? How long does she usually wear her hair?  Answering these questions will help you find the best hair. 


  1. Does she usually like curly hair or wavy hair?

You may want to try the Caliber Hair Indian Raw Curl or the Essential Deep Curl and if she loves wavy hair you may want to try our Raw Indian Natural Wavy Hair


  1. Does she wear straight hair?

We have several straight hair options which include Essential Straight hair, Indian Straight Hair and Polynesian Straight Hair and either one of these will be perfect for a straight hair lover.


  1. Is she more of a low maintenance girl that doesn’t like to mess with her hair that much?

Include a closure with your bundle purchase this will ensure she is able to get a “full sew-in” weave.

  1. Does she like hair that will blend with her natural hair?

Caliber Hair Essential deep curly is great for that!


Well there you have it!  Your shopping problem is solved, go ahead and place your order, no need to buy wrapping paper we'll send it in a lovely satin bag. 


Caliber Hair Imports is happy to help you if you have any questions just email admin@caliberhair.com.  If you see a style you like go ahead and email the picture and we’ll send some great options of hair that will give you the style you are looking for!



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